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2 Year FB Memories!

2 Year FB Memories!

What a Memory !
What a Journey !

We Moved to our New Premesis 2 Years Ago From Selling from our house
Starting with 1 Car 

Big Thanks to Jesus for taking us from Strength to Strenght

As Well to ALL Nates Car Sales Family for the Support

My Nates Team for Pushing with me

All those that have Nates Car Sales At Heart

We Blessed thousands of people cause

We cant do what we do without You

2 years ago wording

Where do I start..
I Am So overwhelmed by the response and support from the ad in the daily dispatch today.

Just wanted to say a Huge THANK YOU!
To all those who put an ad in the paper, supporting me!
Also to all the calls, messages and visits from everyone.
Without you guys we won’t be possible.
Really appreciate it, no words can come close to how grateful i am.

As per the article I had quite a hectic journey to get where I am today.. it wasn’t easy and I know there is still challenges ahead.
But we will take it on..
However seeing so many happy customers and making such awesome friendships daily, it is worth it..

Thanks so much again, Nates Car Sales Family,
See you tomorrow for our Gand Opening.
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