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Happy Nelson Mandela Day

Happy Nelson Mandela Day

Looking Back At What We Did On Nelson Mandela Day Last Year, And The Year Before 
Such a Blessing 

We Give Back, Monthly Or Even More Often During The Month 

We Have Done So, For Many Years 

No Words Come Close To What A Great Feeling It Is 

We Going To Fetch Our Boy From School To Join Us 

As We Need To Teach Our Kids About The *Gift Of Giving* 

Today We Will Be Handing Out Toys And Books, To Angels Educare in Scenary Park 


■ To KFC For The Stationary Packs & Toys 
■ Our Nates Car Sales Family For The Books Donated 
■ KIM @ ITEC – Institute Of Training And READ Educational Trust 

Try And Be The Difference Today 

We So Blessed That So Many People Call Us and Tell Us How They Are Inspired By Us And Also Start To Make That Difference…. 

Makes Everything Worth It 

Make Lifetime Memories 
With Your 67 Minutes 

Take Action ● Inspire Change ● Make Every Day A Mandela Day

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