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Sunglasses – R109

Sunglasses – R109

Get Them In Black Or White

All Nates Car Sales Merchandise Now Available To Purchase

YES !!!

You Can Now Purchase Any Of Our Items Avaliable

Price List Below :

Notebooks- R60
Jackets- R250
Powerbank- R200
Gym Towels- R70
Water Bottle- R100
Lipice- R25
Cooler Bag- R50
Mug- R100
Pencil Case- R45
Dominoes- R65
Button Badge- R40
Beanie- R65
Lighters- R15
Frisbee- R30
USB- R129
Teddybear – R100
Powerbank With USB – R450
Powerbank Gift Set – R220
Belt – R200
Tog Bag – R180
Mini Bluetooth Speaker R119
Blanket – R399
Sunglasses – R109

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